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Preparing for quiz competition? We are the guide for you on Bihar GK in English to make your mind broad. Look no further, as we present to you a compelling voyage through our carefully curated compilation of “Top 120 Bihar GK in English.” Embark on an extraordinary quest as we unravel the secrets, untold stories, and fascinating trivia that make Bihar a true gem of India’s heritage. If you also want to make you knowledge boarder the we have top bihar gk questions for you.

With this guide at your fingertips, you’ll not only be prepared to excel in any Bihar GK competition but also gain a deeper appreciation for the state’s rich tapestry of history and culture. So, come along as we embark on an enlightening and enriching journey, all laid out in English for your convenience and exploration. Let’s delve into the enchanting realm of Bihar, where every page unlocks new marvels and sparks your curiosity!

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Top 120 Bihar GK In English 2023

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Top 120 Bihar GK In English

Which day is celebrated as Bihar Diwas in india ?

March 22

when bihar was carved out from the state of bengal presidency ?


Which is the state song of bihar ?

Mere Bharat Ke Kanth Haar

Who is the first CM (chief ministers) of bihar state ?

Sri krishna sinha

Who is the first women CM (chief ministers) of bihar state ?

Rabri Devi

Who is the first Deputy CM (chief ministers) of bihar state ?

Anuragh Narayan Sihna

Who is the first Women Deputy CM (chief ministers) of bihar state ?

Rekha Manharlal Doshit

Who is the first governer of bihar state ?

Jairamdas daulatram

How many republics are included under Mahajanapadas ?

sixteen (16)

king Ajatashatru belongs to ………….. dynesty.

Haryanka dynasty

Mahavir,the twenty-fourth and last tirthankara of jainism was born in…….


How many district in bihar ?


Which is the State flower of bihar ?


There are ….. number of Parliamentary consitituency in bihar state ?


Which is the capital city of bihar state ?


Who is the current CM (chief ministers) of bihar state ?

Nitish Kumar

Where is a Residencel of governer of bihar lies in ?


Name Residencel building of governer of bihar ?

Raj bhawan

Who appoint a governer of bihar ?

President of india

How many national parks are there in bihar state ?

only one

What is the name of national park of bihar ?

Valmiki National park

When is Valmiki National Park established ?


Total area of Valmiki National Park ?


Where is Valmiki Nation Park located ?

West champaran district

When was Valmiki National Park declared a wildlife sanctuary?

In 1978

How many wildlife sanctuaries are in Bihar ?


Which wildlife sanctuary of bihar is situated in both bihar and jharkhand ?

Gautam buddha wildlife sanctuary

Who was the first chief justice of bihar high court ?

sir edward maynar des champs chamier

When was the bihar recoganization act passed in the parliament of india ?

15 november 2000

In which city bihar high court is located ?

Patna city

which is the official language of bihar state ?

Hindi & Urdu languages

Which tree is the state tree of bihar ?


Which flower is the state flower of bihar ?


which is the state animal of bihar state ?


which bird is the state bird of bihar ?


How many subdivisions of bihar state ?


How many government universities are located in Bihar?


Which state has highest universities in india ?


Which is the first university established in bihar state ?

Ancient alanda University

which city is most populated in bihar state ?

Patna (5,838,465)

which city is Least populated in bihar state ?


When the patna high court established ?

In 1916

Total area of bihar state ?

94,163 sq km

How many divisions are there in Bihar ?


Which is the highest literacy district in Bihar ?

Rohtas district

How many Rajya Sabha seats are there in Bihar?


When was Jharkhand separated from Bihar ?

15th november 2000

Who was the founder of Bihar Socialist Party?

Jai Prakash Narayan

When did the bifurcation of Bihar and Odissa take place ?

In 1936

Who was the editor of Bihar’s main newspaper ‘Bihari’?

Babu Maheshwar Prasad

At which place in Bihar the Indian National Congress of 1922 Where was the convention held ?


By whom was the Kisan Sabha established in Bihar state ?

Sahajanand Saraswati

Bihar Provincial Kisan Sabha was formed in …………

March, 1929

When was Bihar separated from Bengal ?


Who made Patnako the provincial capital ?

sher shah

Who was the most popular Sultan in Bihar ?

Sher Shah Suri

By whose hands the glory of Nalanda University was destroyed ?

Bakhtiyar Khilji

In which period Bihar’s political power, educational, Cultural dignity broken ?

in the middle ages

Which Mughal ruler first included Bihar in his empire ?


Jharkhand state has been formed by taking what percentage of the land of old Bihar ?

45.85 %

Which river is known as the Sorrow of Bihar ?

Koshi river

Bihar is leading in the production of which crop ?


What is Dalmia Nagar famous for in Bihar ?


Which is the famous area of ​​banana production in Bihar ?

Hajipur area

Which is the leading state in the country for butter cultivation ?


Why was Nalanda University world famous ?

for buddhism philosophy

What were the reasons for the destruction of Nalanda University ?


Who was the first English traveler to come to Bihar ?

Ralph Fitch

Who was the last Mauryan Emperor ?


Who was the father of Emperor Ashoka ?


The language used in the inscriptions of Ashoka is ?


Where was the world’s first republican system in the sixth century BC ?


Mahakavi Vidyapati was the poet of which era ?

medieval times

By which of his works did Dinkar ji become famous as a national poet ?


To which party did Jaiprakash Narayan belong ?

socialist Party

From which province did Kunwar Singh lead the Revolt of 1857 ?


Whose king was Kunwar Singh ?

of Jagdishpur

What was the name of Kunwar Singh’s father?

Sahabzada Singh

What is the popular art of Bihar?


What is the famous festival of Bihar ?

chhath puja

Which is the painting style of Bihar ?


What is Sonpur fair called ?

Harihar Kshetra Fair

What is the unique festival of Bihar ?


Which is the folk dance of Bihar ?


Whose famous personality was Padmashree Sita Devi ?

madhubani painting

Nava Nalanda Mahavihara is famous for ?

Hiuen Tsang Monument

In which city is the Sun Temple/Surya Deula or Surya Deul located ?

Konark,Puri district

Who was the national leader of Champaran Indigo Movement ?

Mahatma Gandhi

When was the 16th session of Bihari Students Conference held in Hazaribagh ?


Gandhiji started Satyagraha movement for the first time in India in Bihar Where did he started ?


Who was the leader of Patna’s freedom struggle of 1857 ?

Peer Ali Khan

Which is the district with the lowest sex ratio in Bihar ?


Which is the district with the highest sex ratio in Bihar?


Which is the highest literacy district in Bihar?


Basically the word Bihar means ………..

Buddhist Monastery

When did the Salt Satyagraha start in Bihar?

15 April 1930

At present how many members are there in Bihar Legislative Assembly?


Who was the founder of Pataliputra?


Chandragupta’s palace at Pataliputra was mainly built on ?


In Pataliputra, which ruler first Made the capital?

Chandragupta Maurya

What was the relation of Swami Sahajanand ?

With the farmer’s movement of Bihar

Who was associated with the Kishan andolan in Bihar ?

Rajendra Prasad

Where was the first meeting of the Congress Socialist Party held ?

In Patna

Ramchandra Sharma was from which village ?


Jagat Narayan Lal was sent to which jail?

Bankipur Jail

Who is addressed as ‘Bihar Kesari’?

Dr. Shrikrishna Singh

Which country’s border connects with the state of Bihar?


Which variety of mango is grown only in Bihar ?

Safeda(सफेदा )

The estimated reserve of coal in Bihar is?

16 million tonnes

Where is the headquarter of East Central Railway zone located ?


Kakolat Jal Pratap is situated in which district of Bihar ?


Which city is situated in the easternmost part of Bihar?


When was the attempt to kill King’s Ford in Muzaffarpur?


Which subject is special in Vikramshila University ?


In which regions of Bihar was the Anga Mahajanapada located?

Bhagalpur and Munger

What was the capital of Anga Mahajanapada ?


Where did Mahavir Swami give his last sermon ?


Who was the second ruler of Haryanka dynasty ?


Where was the first Bondudh Sangeet organized ?

royal house ( राजगृह )

Where was the capital of Ashoka ?

Patna (पाटलिपुत्र)

Sur dynasty was founded by?

Sher Shah

Which is the last tomb in the series of octagonal tombs?

islam shah

Which is the most important river in Bihar?

Ganga river

Which is the longest river in Bihar state?

Ganga river

Which river flows from Nepal to Bihar state?

Kosi river

What is the main dress of Bihar?

dhoti-kurta /saree



Test Your Self – Bihar GK In English MCQ

1. Who was the founder of Bihar Socialist Party ?

A. Subhash Chandra Bose

B. Satya bhakt

C. Jai Prakash Narayan

D. none

2. When was Jharkhand separated from Bihar?

A. 5 November 2000

B. 10 November 2000

C. 25 November 2000

D. 15 November 2000

3. When was the Patna High Court established ?

A. 1923

B. 1916

C. 1915

D. 1919

4. How many members are elected to the Lok Sabha from Bihar?

A. 45

B. 40

C. 35

D. 25

5. Where is the capital of Bihar ?

A. Purnia

B. Darbhanga

C. Patna

D. Munger

6. At present how many members are there in Bihar Legislative Assembly?

A. 245

B. 243

C. 253

D. 234

7. When was Bihar formed as a province of the Mughal Empire?

A. 1580 AD

B. 1582 AD

C. 1583 AD

D. 1581 AD

8. Which is the High Court of Bihar?

A. Koshi High Court

B. Saran High Court

C. Patna High Court

D. Magadh High Court

9. When did the Salt Satyagraha start in Bihar?

A. 15 April 1930

B. 15 April 1931

C. 15 April 1932

D. 15 April 1933

10. When is Bihar Day celebrated ?

A. March 21

B. March 22

C. March 23

D. March 24

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In conclusion, “Top 120 Bihar GK in English” has been an enlightening journey, unveiling the essence of Bihar’s history, culture, and achievements. This comprehensive guide has provided us with invaluable insights into the heart of Bihar, making it a must-have resource for anyone seeking to excel in Bihar GK in English competitions or engage in meaningful discussions about the state’s illustrious past and promising future. Let us embrace this wealth of information as a stepping stone towards continuous learning and appreciation for the wonders of Bihar and beyond.

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As the sands of time continue to shape Bihar’s narrative, “Top 120 Bihar GK In English” will remain an indispensable tool for connecting us to our roots and propelling us towards a brighter tomorrow. Together, let’s keep the spirit of exploration alive, forever curious and eager to delve into the vast realms of knowledge that lie ahead. Farewell, fellow learners, until we embark on our next quest for wisdom with “Top 120 Bihar GK In English” as our trusted guide!


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