New 200+ Important GK Questions For Class 2

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We know GK questions play vital role in the development of kids’ knowledge in a very entertaining way. These GK Questions for Class 2 can be presented to students as a quiz game or quiz competition. This post is also beneficial for parents as they can use these general knowledge questions to sharpen kids’ minds in an entertainingly. That’s why we’re thrilled to present to you our latest offering: “200+ Important GK Questions For Class 2” – a comprehensive collection of fascinating and thought-provoking questions that will ignite the flames of curiosity and expand the horizons of your little learners.

In this fast-paced digital age, it’s more important than ever to nurture the inquisitive nature of our children. General Knowledge not only equips them with valuable information about the world but also nurtures critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and a well-rounded understanding of diverse subjects.

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Why are these GK questions so special?

Our team of expert educators and researchers has diligently crafted this exclusive set of 200+ GK questions, tailored specifically for Class 2 students. We’ve carefully curated the content to ensure that it aligns perfectly with the age-appropriate interests and cognitive development of young learners. These questions encompass a wide array of topics, ranging from history and geography to science, literature, and much more!

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As you guide your students or children through these stimulating questions, you’ll witness their eyes light up with wonder and excitement. Watch as they eagerly explore the mysteries of history, uncover the marvels of science, and journey through the diverse cultures and landscapes of our world.

Get ready to embark on a knowledge-filled voyage with “200+ Important GK Questions For Class 2.” Whether you’re a teacher preparing engaging classroom sessions or a parent looking for exciting ways to bond with your child while imparting knowledge, this blogpost is your ultimate guide.

Let’s make learning an exhilarating and enlightening experience for our young scholars. The journey begins here!

If you are from India then we have something more for you Latest GK Questions In Hindi.

New 200+ Important gk questions for class 2

Parts of Body KG Question For Class 2

Class 2 Students are very smart, now they have well knowledge of general functions and names of body parts. This category will test class 2 kids for their knowledge about body parts.

What gives skin its color?


How many major bloods types in our body ?


Which part of your body helps you to taste the sweetness in your favorite dessert?

Taste buds on the tongue

What do you use to feel vibrations and sense sounds?


What part of your body allows you to turn your head left and right?


Which part of your body contains the bones that protect your brain?


What do you use to protect your eyes from bright sunlight?


Which body part do you use to signal and say “Hello” to your friends from a distance?

Hands or Wave

Which part of your body do you use to run and kick a ball?


What part of your body helps you to balance while walking on a narrow beam?


Which part of your body do you use to run and kick a ball?


What do you use to lift and move things around?


Which part of your body do you use to chew your food?


What do you use to blink your eyes and protect them from dust?


Which body part connects your hand to your arm?


What part of your body helps you to bend and twist?


Which part of your body contains the bones that protect your heart and lungs?


Which body part helps you walk, run, and jump?


What do you use to touch and feel things?


What part of your body do you use to taste your food?


What do you use to smell different scents?


Math GK Question For Class 2

Most students love calculations and they will also love this category. You can use these general questions for class 2 students and their math knowledge.

Which is the largest single digit number ?

9 ( nine )

Which is the largest double digit number ?


Zero (0) is an …… number

Even number

How many zero’s (0) in 1 million


What is the square root of √16 ?


How many mili liters in one liter water ?

1000 ml

” + ” sign represent ……. in maths


” – ” sign represent ……. in maths


” % ” sign represents ….. in maths


what 1+2+3+4+5 equals to ?


How many seconds in one minutes?

60 seconds

Waters, milks , oils are measure in ……..unit


who invented zero first ?


What is 100 in roman number ?


Which is the smallest single digit composite number ?


Which shape has four equal sides ?


What is the measurement of a right angel ?


How many times 1 comes between 1 to 100 ?

21 ties

How many 9 are there from 0 to 100 ?


what is equall to 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10


What are the 3 lines in a triangle called ?

The sides of the triangle

How many lines are there in octagon ?


Science GK Question Answers

If you are searching for Science GK Question Answers for class 2 students then your search is finished now. Here are some important science gk question answers for class 2 students.

How many years in one century ?

100 years

How many weeks are there in a year ?

52 weeks

Which animal is known as ” ship of the desart ?


Earth is a ….


………is the nearest planet of earth


Who is the founder of facebook ?

Mark Zuckerberg

AI stands for……

Artificial intelligence

Ocean water taste like…..


How many tires in racing car ?


which fuel is used in Trucks?


Which is the longest snake in the world ?

reticulated python

What is the longest living dog ?

Bobi 31 years,77 days

One horn rhino only found in which country ?


Who is the founder of facebook ?

Mark Zuckerberg

what is full form of AI

Artificial intelligence

How many sides there in pyramid ?


How many senses can a dog smell?

125 to 250 million

Which animal has more than 1 brain ?

Pacific Octopus

Which animal has eight eyes ?


Which snake is knows as king of snake ?

King cobra

New 200+ Important GK Questions For Class 2

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English GK Question Answers For Class 2

Having better and fluent English is demand for everyone. Here we have provided some English GK Question Answers for Class 2 students which can glow their mind with knowldege.

How many Alphabets there in english ?


I ……… cut my nail.


There is ……insect


Let’s go ….. a walk


Which is the shortest word in english ?


What is the longest word starts from ” x “?

xylotomic (14 words )

Which is the longest word ?


How long is the longest word ?

45 letters long

Honesty is….. best policy.


Every country has…. flag .


What is the opposite of happy?


He got too tired ………over work .

Because of

She ………in the sun for 1 hour.

Has been sitting

General GK Question Answers For Class 2 Students

Here are some simple gk question for class 2 students. They can easily handle these questions.

Which is tha biggest spaceship in the world ?

Starship Rocket – 400 feet

Which is the longest country in the world ?


Who is the fastest runner in the world ?

Usain bolt

Who is fastest man in India?

Amlan Borgohain

How many sides in pentagon ?


Which is the Capital city of bhutan ?


Which currency is the highest in the world ?

Kuwaiti dinar

Which is the capital city of india ?

New Delhi

What is the full area of india ?

32,87,263 sq. km

India share its borders with ……. Countries


which is the smallest state in india ?

Goa state

How many legs does a spider have ?


Which animal doesnt drink water in whole life ?

the kangaroo rat

Which animal can sleep while standing ?

Horses, Zebras and Elephants

Which animals doesn’t blink ?

fish , snakes

Who is the most intelligent mammal in the earth?


What is the IQ level of dogs ?

about 100

Elbert Einstein’s has ……..IQ level ?


which gas is important for human to live ?


Sun rise from the …….. direction


What is the average temprature of human body ?

37°celcious / 98.6°F

What is a baby penguin called ?


What is a baby lion called ?


What is a baby panda called?


What is a baby giraffe called ?


What is a baby elephant called?


Which is the lighest gas ?


What is the most expensive material exist ?


How tall is mount everest ?

8848 meter

Which bird give a biggest egg in earth ?


Which plant grow fast ?


What is the largest planet in our solar system ?


How many continents are there on Earth ?


What is the tallest mountain in the world ?

Mount Everest

Which planet is closest to the Sun ?


What is the capital city of the United States of America ?

Washington, D.C

Who was the first person to set foot on the moon?

Neil Armstrong

What is the largest ocean on Earth?

Pacific Ocean

Who painted the famous picture “Mona Lisa”?

Leonardo da Vinci

Which country is famous for building the Great Wall ?


Which country is known for its beautiful pyramids ?


Which animal carrying its baby in a pouch?


Which country is famous for leaning tower in Pisa?


In which country can you find the beautiful Taj Mahal, a white marble monument?


What is the capital city of Brazil ?


What is the world’s smallest mountain ?

Mount Wycheproof

What is the world’s smallest ocean ?

Arctic Ocean

What is the world’s largest mammal?

blue whale

What is the world’s smallest planet in our solar system?


What is the world’s largest bird?


What is the world’s smallest mammal?

bumblebee bat

India Geography & History GK Question Answers

Here are simple Geography and History general knowledge question for Class 2 Students.

Where was Mahatma Gandhi born ?

Porbandar, India

Who is the first prime minister of india ?

Jawaharlal Nehru

Which is the longest river of india ?

Indus river

Which is the longest highway in india ?

NH 44 highway

which is the tallest tempe in india ?

Chaturbhuj Temple

Which is the richest person of india ?

Mukesh ambani

Which is the poorest state of india ?


Which is the official language of india ?


Who wrote Mahabharat ?

Rishi ved Vyasa

Kedarnath tample is located in Which state ?


which is the biggest sculpture of india ?

Statue of Unity

India is the ……largest country in the world


Who made a india flag ?

Pingali Venkayya

Who made a map of india ?

James Rennell

Which is the oldest map of India?

Tabula Peutingeriana

Who found india first ?

Vasco de Gama

How many states in india ?


Which city is famous as pink city in india ?


Which river is considered the lifeline of India?

The Ganges

What is the national symbol of India?

Lion Capital of Ashoka

Which mountain range separates India from China ?

The Himalayas

Which famous monument in India is a symbol of love and a UNESCO World Heritage Site ?

Taj Mahal

Which festival celebrates the victory of good over evil and is known for lighting lamps and fireworks ?


Which festival is celebrated to mark the harvest season and is known for flying kites ?

Makar Sankranti

What is the national flower of India?


Which Indian state is famous for its backwaters and houseboat rides?


Which city is famous for the annual Kumbh Mela, a mass Hindu pilgrimage?


What is the currency of India?

Indian Rupee (INR)

Which festival is celebrated to honor the birth of Lord Krishna and involves breaking pots of curd and butter ?


Which Indian state is known for the iconic white marble Jain temples at Mount Abu ?


Which festival marks the beginning of the harvest season and is celebrated with bonfires and dance?


Which Indian state is famous for its tea plantations and scenic landscapes ?


Which Indian state is known for the Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the world ?

West Bengal

What is the national aquatic animal of India ?

The Ganges River Dolphin

Which Indian city is famous for the annual Pushkar Camel Fair ?

Pushkar (in Rajasthan)

What is the national reptile of India ?

King Cobra

What is the national heritage animal of India ?

Indian Elephant

Which Indian state is famous for its colorful and vibrant Navratri celebrations ?


What is the national bird of India ?

The Indian Peafowl (Peacock)

Which river is known as the “River of Sorrow” due to its frequent floods ?


Which Indian state is known for the iconic Taj Mahal ?

Uttar Pradesh

What is the national tree of India ?

The Banyan Tree


Let’s test the power of knowledge of class 2 students using these exciting MCQs.

How many days in a week ?

A. five


C. seven

D. eight

Which is the smallest bird in the world ?

A. dove

B. crow

C. parrot

D. Humming bird

Which is the tallest animal in the world ?

A. Zebra

B. Giraffe

C. Lion

D. Elephant

Which is the Most important organ in our body ?

A. Nose

B. Heart

C. Ear

D. Hand

What is the color of sunflower ?

A. pink

B. blue

C. yellow

D. red

Which is the biggest plant ?

A. Mars

B. Jupiter

C. Saturn

D. Neptune

WWW stands for ?

A. World wide web

B. Whole world wide

C. Wide world web

D. World whole web

Brain is located in our ….

A. Chest

B. Leg

C. Head

D. Stomatch

Which is the higest mountain in the world ?

A. Mount everest

B. Mount makalu

C. Mount fuji

D. Mount k2

India lies in ……. continent .

A. Europe

B. Asia

C. Africa

D. Austrilia

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In conclusion, “200+ Important GK Questions For Class 2” serves as an invaluable resource that empowers teachers and parents to nurture the intellectual growth of young learners in a fun and engaging manner. The carefully curated collection of GK questions sparks curiosity, ignites young minds, and paves the way for a deeper understanding of the world around them.

As educators and guardians, we hold the key to unlocking the potential of our children, and these GK questions act as a gateway to a vast ocean of knowledge waiting to be explored. By incorporating these thought-provoking questions into the educational journey, we not only impart crucial information but also instill in our children the lifelong joy of learning.

So, let’s embark on this inspiring voyage together, where GK questions for Class 2 become the catalyst for fostering a generation of bright, inquisitive, and well-rounded individuals, ready to face the challenges of tomorrow with knowledge and confidence.


Are these important GK Questions for Class 2 Students?

Yes, these provided general knowledge questions for class 2 students are important. They spark curiosity, build a strong foundation, enhance memory, and foster critical thinking. These questions promote language development, increase awareness of the world, and boost confidence.

Do you provide GK Questions for Class 2 Students PDF Version?

Yes, You will get the pdf version of this. If you want to include more important questions then feel free to suggest us.

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